Elite: Dangerous shown to US press at Game Developer Conference 2014

Added on by Ali Beasley.

Elite: Dangerous shown to press at Game Developer Conference 2014. David Braben and Producer Adam Woods demoed the game to journalists from around the world in San Francisco this week. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

After five incredible days of interviews and demos, ranging from PC World US, Gamespot USA, PC Gamer US, Gamasutra, MMORPG, Games Global, Yogscast, US Gamers and a host of freelance journalists too, there will be a lot of coverage in the coming weeks.

We were also able to accomodate a few short notice interviews, like this one with Scott Manley.  Scott, who has posted many You Tube videos of his own Elite: Dangerous gameplay, came along to meet us in person and he took the time to video an interview with David Braben: