Interior Night Drafts In Trio of Senior Staff

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Narrative games studio begins next chapter with key hires of Steve Kniebihly, Ronald De Feijter and Charu Desodt.

13th December 2017. London, UK.

Interior Night, the recently formed studio dedicated to creating innovative and accessible narrative games, today announces the addition of 3 new senior staff:

  • Steve Kniebihly joins as Cinematic Director, with a track record that spans high profile titles like ‘Heavy Rain’, ‘Beyond - Two Souls’, ‘The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine’ and most recently ‘Planet of the Apes – New Frontier’.
  • Ronald De Feijter joins as Technical Director, from Sony where he led gameplay on ‘Eye Pet’, ‘Wonderbook; Book of Spells’ and PlayStation ‘VR Worlds’.
  • Charu Desodt joins as Production Director. An experienced producer of social and AR games including Sony’s ‘SingStar’ and ‘Wonderbook: Book of Spells’, Charu was also a 2014 Breakthrough Brit winner.

Founder and Creative Director Caroline Marchal said, “I’m delighted to have Steve, Ronald and Charu join the team. In addition to being super nice and amazing to work with, they are experts in narrative and social games. They are the right people to help Interior Night fulfil its ambition.”

Interior Night is developing narrative games aimed at a mature TV audience – people who love shows like Breaking Bad or Fargo but who are not necessarily gamers. The studio aims to craft broad experiences where people forget about the mechanics to focus on the characters and the story for maximum emotional impact. 

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All Your Bass - Video Game Music & Audio Festival - Jan 2018

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Coming to Nottingham in January 2018

23 November 2017.  Announced in early November All Your Bass: The Videogame Music Festival  is a new videogame music and audio festival coming to Nottingham on January 19th & 20th 2018.

The festival features outstanding headline acts:

  • Legendary Japanese Videogame composer Masaya Matsuura
  • Heartbeat of the 80s home computer scene Rob Hubbard 
  • A live performance of Dear Ester by the Liverpool Philharmonic accompanied by on-screen play through by Thomas McMullenan followed with Q&As with BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry.

In addition we’re delighted to announce a number of further additions to our programme:

  • Alistair Lindsay, Head of Audio at Sony, will share the audio past and future of the playstation classic WipEout
  • Taking inspiration from the sounds of classic videogame hardware systems virtuoso pianist Yshani Perinpanayagam will explore ideas of game and play at the piano
  • A performance of Monument Valley’s music
  • A live composer commentary on Donkey Kong and Snake Pass from David Wise
  • A fireside chat with David Housden and Mike Bithell as they discuss their award-winning collaborations on Thomas was Alone & Volume
  • The exciting Retro Hour podcast and Blake Troise will celebrate modern chip-tunes and one-bit audio 
  • Graeme Norgate speaking about his experiencing composing Goldeneye 64 and Free Radical
  • Chris Abbott shares his experiences launching ‘Project Hubbard’ through Kickstarter 
  • Sheridans’ Law on hand to answer all your licensing questions
  • A live performances of innovative composition Climb! from composer Maria Kallionpaa and the University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab.

Tickets are £80 (two-day) and £45 (one-day) and are available at