Elite: Dangerous Alpha 3.0 Releases. Docking and Ship Outfitting; Game Progression; Cobra Mk III.

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Docking and Ship Outfitting; Game Progression; Cobra Mk III.

Elite: Dangerous, Alpha Phase 3.0 - Docking & Ship Outfitting, is today released to all players who have backed or bought Elite: Dangerous at the Alpha stage.

After successfully proving out the moment to moment combat gameplay, and multiplayer technology in Alpha phases one and two respectively, phase three starts to move towards building out the game by adding docking, an early version of hyperspace jumps between multiple locations and ship outfitting within an iconic Coriolis space station.

Once successfully docked in the station – a notoriously difficult skill to master in the original Elite – Elite: Dangerous Alpha phase three offers progression where players can use their honest profit or ill-gotten gains from their in-game actions to improve their ship. 

Watch the new Docking video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey22m463104 

Ship upgrades include modules such as heat sinks and cargo scanners, a variety of weapons, and extend to the repair of any damage sustained in combat. They can also clear bounties and, once they have earned enough credits, even purchase a firm favourite from the Falcon de Lacy shipyards, and one of the most notorious ships in the galaxy – the Cobra Mk III.

The consequences of combat now also have a price, with repairs being cheaper than buying a new ship players will need to make split second decisions on when pull back from battle.

David Braben, CEO of Frontier Developments, said, “Alpha three is particularly significant as we can start to see the game itself being built out, as opposed to just testing the technology behind it. 

We are looking forward to continue benefitting from the enthusiasm and feedback of those participating in our Alpha process and players will begin to enjoy key elements of gameplay.”

Players can join the Alpha now by visiting the Elite: Dangerous store:  http://elite.frontier.co.uk .  Joining the Alpha now also gives players automatic access to all major downloadable expansion packs after the game’s release.

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About Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments plc is a leading independent game developer founded in 1994 by David Braben, co-author of the seminal ‘Elite’ game.  Based in Cambridge, UK and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Frontier uses its proprietary ‘Cobra’ game development technology to create innovative games across videogame consoles, computers, smartphones and tablets.  

Previous titles Frontier has created on include RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Thrillville, LostWinds, Kinectimals, Kinect Disneyland Adventures.  On 4 January 2013 Frontier raised £1.7 million via Kickstarter, the crowd funding website, and its own site to develop Elite: Dangerous.  The studio developed Zoo Tycoon as a launch title for Microsoft’s new Xbox One console also is also working on other original IP titles with publishing partners. 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey22m46310...