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Marmalade to Fire up Developers

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London, UK.   21 July 2014.  Marmalade Technologies Ltd, providers of the free, top-rated cross-platform app development tool, today announced a brand new offer for developers who deploy their Marmalade apps to the Amazon Appstore, enabling them to reach the rapidly growing audience on Android devices, Kindle Fire, Fire TV and Fire Phone.

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Elite: Dangerous Alpha Phase 1.1 released today - Oculus Rift, 3D TV and Track IR support

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Just in time for the holidays Frontier today releases the new Elite: Dangerous Alpha Phase 1.1 - Single Player combat, which is an updated version of 1.0 with new stereoscopic 3D features we are testing.

We'd like to thank everyone for their positive feedback on the Alpha test so far. Craig Pearson from the Rock, Paper, Shotgun website got a hands-on look at the Alpha Phase 1.0 build, and you can read his impressions in a detailed piece here.

To get the latest build Alpha backers can simply re-download the Alpha build from the Elite: Dangerous online store as before.  If you want to get involved, access to the ongoing Alpha testing phases can still be purchased from the store.

Alpha Phase 1.1 includes the following in addition to the 1.0 content:
• A selection of stereoscopic 3D support options added
- Oculus Rift
- Side-by-side 3D rendering for use with 3D TVs / monitors
- Anaglyph rendering: old school Red/Cyan rendering for those without Oculus Rift or a 3D TV but with some vintage red/cyan glasses
• Track IR support added
• Dashboard brightness option added
• Improved build stability
• Assorted improvements from Alpha feedback

Have a Happy Holidays! The Elite: Dangerous team is going to take a well-deserved rest now – although there will be people supporting Alpha backers over the holidays - and we’ll be back in the New Year with a bang!

Frontier Announces Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta

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Frontier today announced the delivery date of the next milestone in the development of its forth-coming Elite: Dangerous game.

The Premium Beta effectively starts today, with Premium Beta players able to download a single player combat build of the game. The full Premium Beta will start on 30th May 2014, and until then, players will be able to practise with the single player combat build.

Upgrades are on sale now for anyone who has already pre-ordered the standard Beta or the final game, via this link.

Before the first Premium Beta release, Frontier will release one final Elite: Dangerous Alpha phase, Phase 4, which adds Travel and Trading.

Alpha phase 1 covered the vital moment-to-moment combat and ship controls.

Alpha phase 2 added internet-based multiplayer capability.

Alpha phase 3 expanded on these technology tests to add docking and the first elements of gameplay progression.

Alpha phase 4 expands significantly on this with two modes of faster than light travel - in-system 'super-cruise' and between-system 'hyperspace'.  The full Milky Way galactic map, containing some 400,000,000,000 star systems, will be present. Alpha 4 gameplay is focused on a 200 cubic light year volume of space, far from Earth.

The date and further details of Alpha Phase 4 will be announced shortly.  Alpha contributors get early access to future builds and a lifetime benefit of discounted in-game ship insurance. Elite: Dangerous Alpha access is available for order until 25th April.

David Braben, CEO of Frontier, said:

“The Alpha process has worked well for us. We have gradually built out the key elements of the game, first locally, with single player combat, then with a few thousand players across the internet. On 30th May the Premium Beta extends this to many thousands of players worldwide, with an increasingly rich game.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have played such an important role in Alpha testing, and I’m very happy that we will continue to benefit from their valuable input as they test Beta builds approximately 2 weeks in advance of release.

400 billion star systems are yours to explore in Elite: Dangerous

400 billion star systems are yours to explore in Elite: Dangerous


On 30th May we move into a new phase of Premium Beta testing, and I’m delighted to be able to welcome a significant numbers of new players to Elite: Dangerous today.”

Elite: Dangerous Alpha 3.0 Releases. Docking and Ship Outfitting; Game Progression; Cobra Mk III.

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Elite: Dangerous, Alpha Phase 3.0 - Docking & Ship Outfitting, is today released to all players who have backed or bought Elite: Dangerous at the Alpha stage.

After successfully proving out the moment to moment combat gameplay, and multiplayer technology in Alpha phases one and two respectively, phase three starts to move towards building out the game by adding docking, an early version of hyperspace jumps between multiple locations and ship outfitting within an iconic Coriolis space station.

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